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Saturday August 15 2020
Editor's Choice - John
Dear Reader,

It's been another tough week for the government, with a row over A level results and a quarantine imposed this weekend on holidaymakers returning from France. Tom McTague has written a penetrating Saturday essay about what lies behind Britain's poor performance in the face of the pandemic. After speaking to numerous politicians and senior civil servants, he concludes that it has been a systematic failure across government and Whitehall underpinned by complacency. Put simply, Britain is an over-centralised state that is weak at the centre.

Max Hastings, the historian and columnist, says the cabinet is the worst there has been for a century. Boris Johnson needs to shake it up and not be afraid of appointing talented people who disagree with him.

It was also the week that Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate for the US presidency. Gerard Baker, former editor of The Wall Street Journal and a Times columnist, says she doesn't frighten voters but she won't attract those seeking consistency and authenticity.

Huw Edwards is seen as the nation's favourite and longest serving newsreader. In a revealing interview, he told Andrew Billen about how his father's death had made him come to terms with his depression and tackle being overweight. Oh. And the small matter of taking over from David Dimbleby for the 2019 general election.

Everyone would like to be fit in old age and the secret, says Professor Norman Lazarus (who's in his eighties and very sprightly) is what you do in your fifties. He tells Hilary Rose the secrets of ageing well and wisely.

Have a delightful weekend.
John Witherow
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